Advance Level Problems on S&S||BY- Rajesh Choudhary-IITJEE concepts in Hindi - Videos


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  1. Sir I have not given jee main 2017 because I am now in 12 and preparing for IIT jee 2018. But I gave this jee main 2017 only 11th class question prepared by my teacher ..I got a score 115 in it.

  2. Sir I want to give third attempt for JEE M 2018 , this year anyhow I'll have to go to some college since pressure from family but I am not telling anyone in my family
    I'll prepare without telling them and saying that there are lot of studies for college
    I'm very angry since got only 135
    How do I resist my temptations in college ? Since I am getting mad that my junior got better marks than me . I don't say I have potential but understood the pattern enough to get a 300+


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