Advanced Connectors for SBI P.O. 2017 - Videos


In this video you will learn HOW TO CRACK SBI PO EXAM. This video focuses on the ADVANCED CONNECTORS FOR SBI PO 2017 . It is very useful for upcoming exams like SBIPO, SSC CGL, SBI PO 2017, BANK PO, RAILWAYS, SBI PO VACANCY, IBPS, CLERK and other competitive exams

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  1. sir second ques mein aapne as soon as ans diya hai, but jab as soon as aata hai to than bhi to aana chahiye but second sentence is starting with this , so how it is connecting ? please reply sir

  2. But how to use connectors??Is it placed between the sentences or in other way.What is the exact position of the connectors??Some sentences you just place the connectors in the start of a sentence and in other questions you omit some parts of a starting sentence and then place the connectors..So please tell how to use the connectors in an effective way..

  3. sir.. thank you so much for the awesome explanation.. in-fact all these 5 questions are from SBI PO Mains 2016 paper .. though the solution bankers adda provided of such questions in the pdf is not 100% correct and it creates ambiguity among us and the last question i have also mailed you regarding same as i marked option 4 and the answer in pdf is option 3 . so please make sure that pdf has correct set of answers so that when we tally after practising such mocks ; we don't face inconvenience. @saurabhdey

  4. Why can't we restructure the sentence here?….In a different connector video u restructured sentences to fit in the options…. But Why not this set of questions is my doubt?

  5. great work sir…heartly thanks to you…
    one thing I would like suggest that kindly make videos precise and to the point of the concept as we can pause the videos in between if we get any querry, specially in english subject as we have to wait for the real thought of the concept…kindly kindly accept it as videos are a little bit lenghty


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