AIIMS / NEET 2019 – 12th Physics: Current Electricity Lecture – 6 - Videos


Concepts of current electricity



  1. Sir plz one ques confusion…Q jawless fish,which lay eggs in fresh waterand whose ammonocoetes larva after metamorphosis return to ocean is:
    Sir answer is 1..plz wxplain how..u twll us that mxine nd tetramyzon both show spawning..plz explain sir

  2. Please Geetendra sir if you are reading this please please reply to this I am having a very big doubt and I am in much tension now
    Thing is that I have joined Biomentors lectures after one month of its starting that is nearly between 15th to 16th July now I have to cover your videos in short span of time and one more thing is that due to some family problem I am teaching also so get time only after 3:30 pm and I can't leave teaching also but in any condition I have to crack Aiims, but it is seeming little difficult for me as I am not able to read ncert also and practice question also due to lack of Time in one day I am only able to study from your lectures and I can't study anything extra then that please help me I need help please sir
    I hope sir you will help or any person who is reading my comment,
    And thank you for caring about me.

  3. in ques at 28:42 i have started finding resistance frm 1st triangle i,e. with sides 3 ohm 3 ohm and 2ohm taking 3ohm and 3 ohm as parallel but u sovled it by taking last triangle first i.e, 2ohm 1 ohm and 6 ohm taking series..i m getting the wrong ans can u tell why..??there must not be any diffence in the ans on the basis of frm where we started solving..


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