AIIMS / NEET 2019 – Biology: Plant Morphology Lecture – 1 (Basics) - Videos


1. Importance of Morphology
2. Role of morphology in taxonomy
3. Type of plants
4. Basics of morphology



  1. Sir one request to u….
    Sir we commandos have less time bcz of busy schedule and we cant keep on searching the questions from previous year papers it consumes a lot of time so I request u to pls make a video(if necessary and discuss the questions) of all the questions asked so far in exams at the end of that particular chapter or give us a separate sheet as DPS of pervious year papers of that particular chapter……Pls rply commandos like if u r facing the same problem.

    Thank you

  2. if any one is intrested in taking sbscrption from biomntrs.. then i can give him/her i have bought sbscrption of 1 year.. bt got admission in mbbs collgr.. so if any one is intrstd leave ur mail here.

  3. Hlo sir..
    Biomentors app use krne me aaj bht prblm aa rhi hai.
    App open hone k bad turnt hi fir se entr email and paswrd bta rha hai.
    Mai video nahi dekh pa ri hu sir na hi sheet solve kr pa ri.
    Help me sir

  4. The normal or Polygonum type of embryo sac is

    (a) Bisporic eight nucleate

    (b) Monosporic four nucleate

    (c) Tetrasporic sixteen nucleate

    (d) Monosporic eight nucleate
    Please reply and explain the answer
    Please reply


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