[AIR 306 UPSC 2016] Strategy for ETHICS , INTEGRITY & APTITUDE By Shashank Shekhar Singh - Videos


Strategy for ETHICS , INTEGRITY & APTITUDE – In this session AIR 306 UPSC CSE 2016, Shashank Shekar Singh with Sociology optional who achieved 124 in the Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude paper, discusses how to tackle Ethics, Integrity and Aptitude for UPSC CSE mains. Ever since the introduction of Ethics Paper in IAS Mains General Studies (GS Paper 4), Civil Services aspirants are in a dilemma. As ethics is not a conventional area taught in schools/ colleges, it is quite natural from the candidates point of view to ponder about the questions to be asked from the same, but there is no need to panic and if properly handled, this area can in-fact turn high scoring. Ethics as a subject has its roots in Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology and Public Administration. Through this course, Shashank explains the basic concepts and key points that will help one acing the UPSC mains. Do watch and share the word so that other aspirants also can make most out of it.
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  1. सर GS-2 के लिए कोर्स बनाईये प्लीज क्योंकि इसको करेन्ंट से जोड़ कर लिखना होता है

  2. hi please tell me approach for geography mains 1 is it ncert sufficient .
    2 .I would like to take economics as optional what would be your suggestions. so many colleagues are telling economics a tougher to clear as optional.


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