Al Jazeera To Shut Down in India? – Impact on Kashmir Policy – Current Affairs 2018 - Videos


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  2. Every programme of Al Jazeera shows India in a bad light. As this channel is controlled from gulf countries, their agents in India just script everything as per the order of their higher authorities. The only aim of this channel is to deride and degrade India and its cultural identity.

  3. Sahi Kiya Sarkar ne. Ye al Jazeera bahut hi bias news channel hain. Hamesha India ka against reporting karta hain. Ek Baar to issne Kashmir Ko India occupied Kashmir bhi mention Kiya tha.

  4. u cant bare the truth and reality of indian army in indian occupied kashmir..Aljezera brings turth before u..indian army has a history of raping, killing and oppressing people not only in indian occupied kashmir but too in manipur and punjab..go chaeck mass rape of indian army in manipur and kanun poshpora area of kashmir …india defines terrorism in irs 12th class NCERT that its killing of civilians to gain and fulfill its needs..and every one knows more than 1 lakh civilians only in held kashmir rest count in punjab, manipur and others..
    comment from indian occupied kashmir

  5. Ha ha in the name of lack of responsibility displayed by News channels Indian govt should in fact ban nearly all Indian news channels cuz they in the name of TRP have been the responsible sources for disrupting harmony in Indian society. The comment section is pathetic and it does not seem like these are IAS aspirants’ comments.


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