Analogy Reasoning Part – 1 for NTS GAT NAT HEC HAT CSS FPSC PPSC CSAT ,CLAT, SSC CGL ,CHSL, PSC,GCU - Videos


Analogy Reasoning Part – 1 for NTS GAT NAT HEC HAT CSS FPSC PPSC CSAT ,CLAT, SSC CGL ,CHSL, PSC,GCU .Analogy Reasoning Part – 1(Basic Concept) for CSAT ,CLAT, SSC CGL ,CHSL, PSC,NDA,CDS,Govt exams
Introduction of Analogy
This video will help you to learn Important English Analogies that have been taken from the past NTS tests and GRE old papers . We hope it will increase your knowledge .We at Verbal Ability Channel want to help you good score and highest marks in your tests. so tell us your problems here below in comments and get your problems solved .
Complete List of Analogy Video Lectures :
Analogy Pair of Words, GAT NAT HAT EntryTest, LDA NTS JobTest, CSS CE FPSC Past Paper, Sir Amin Baig : click the links below to watch these lectures

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Verbal Ability
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