Analysis of UPSC Prelims 2018 | Current Affairs - Videos


UPSC Prelims 2018 Analysis and Answer key:
Download links for slides :
– Indian Polity, Geography, Environment, Science & Tech:
– Economics & Current Affairs (except government schemes):
– Indian History, Art, Culture & Current Affairs (Government schemes):
Analysis of UPSC Prelims 2018:
– Polity:
– Economics:
– Geography, Envt. and S&T:
– Indian History, Art & Culture:
– Current Affairs:



  1. Nothing similar came from ur open mocks, ur open discussion videos..from ur economic surveys 6 videos…they just bypasses u thanks for ur constant support vision👍👍 u r doing ur job sincerely

  2. Non smartphones, phones without web connectivity , Apple I phones simple Tv's are also possible? They too are electronic….taken in spirit the question makes sense taken literally the option does not

    If possible vision IAS please confirm whether the Aadhar API website talks about this for the link you mentioned also concerns itself to certain types of phones lwith android 5+ or even 4.4??

  3. After doing 50 correct and doing guess work ( Tukkabaji ) for 35 question ..Blunder happened for me as everybody says that attempt at least 85-90q. and which is not good at all. Wish I had not done it.

  4. Attempted prelims like btech oneday batting concept . Secured 42 bits in gs and 35 bits in csat. It gave me the confidence to crack it next year /2nd attempt. At the end it all depends on one’s perception of the exam .

  5. It is good that we get to learn so much from Vision Ias for the initiatives they have come up with. However it is also true that once the exam is done, it becomes a norm for every institute to follow the trend in some or the other way. Yet every year new things come up in UPSC out smarting trends. While it is true that individuals do benefit from the ubiquitous UPSC gyan in Delhi… It is also true that a lot of people get misguided by following what is available here.
    And of course in a digital world, only 0 and 1 is seen not the decimals in between . So if you miss it, by how much is not the question!


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