Analyzer – Exam Analysis Of IBPS CLERK PRE 2017 SHIFT- 1 (Review & Cut Off) 3rd DECEMBER 2017 - Videos


Analyzer – Exam Analysis Of IBPS CLERK PRE 2017 SHIFT- 1 (Review & Cut Off) 3rd DECEMBER 2017


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  1. I have a little bit doubt about the English section part in which error detection was asked and in that we have to find one correct portion whereas the other three were incorrect..but there were spelling mistakes too…was we supposed to answer the question considering grammar mistake or spelling mistake???? pls help

  2. Paper was very easy for December 3rd first shift 8 am IBPS Clerk exam. I have attempt 94 questions.

    RC was about Old age people and how we must respect their productive capabilities and give them career options. – 5 questions

    They have asked antonyms instead of synonyms.

    10 error spotting with spelling errors.

    10 questions for fill in blanks. Most UNSUITABLE words. – One sentence was given with a blank. 4 options given. Must select the 2 wrong options.

    Number series – 2, 5, 10, ?, 26 (1*1+1, 2*2+1, 3*3+1)

    Another number series was with difference of difference between numbers

    Another number series was with multiplying each number by 3 to get next number.

    About 10 questions from number simplification. 1 from mensuration. 2 from ratios. 

    Reasoning – puzzle – 7 months given and 7 people are born in those months. Order is given through clues. One of the clues is about a person being born on month with 30 days.

    Puzzle 2 – Seating arrangement – Circular arrangement with all facing center.

    Puzzle 3 – Seating arrangement – 10 people, 2 rows. All 10 are facing north.

    Syllogism – All A is M. No M is P. Some P are B.
    Two questions from above statement.

    I tried to give as many questions as I can remember. Hope it helps.


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