Answer Sheets of NEET & JEE Test - Videos


Answer Sheet Of NEET:
Answer Sheet of JEE:

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  1. sir i am facing a serious problem of nervousness during exam due to which i made very silly mistake although i was knowing that question. so sir please make a video on how to overcome nervousness.. and thank u for this test..

  2. Actually in our coaching atomic stared right now my teacher started from soln. Electrochemistry mole concept… And after a long time just b4 organic he started bonding so we can uae the concepts I just attempt 10 question from viz 7 are correct

  3. Feeling sorry for u sir .Being that much sir I though you to be very punctual but answers were uploaded very very late and you told to gave solution exactly after 24 hours but what has now happened it's going to be 48 hours in some time that means you are totally late where is rank we got …..????


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