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Argument about Spanish Film, Logical Reasoning, Analytical Ability section, NTS HEC FPSC CSS examinations . watch more videos on this topic at also get practice questions at or join this group .

Main Features of Logical Reasoning are
1- It consists of short statement ( often one para only)
2- In the statement some information about problem are given , Facts / reasons / premises are described
3- In the statement some conclusions / results / efects are given
4- Number of questions based on the statement are at most three ( 3 or less questions)

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BOOKS Recommended
For learning topics of GAT you must read any of the following books
1- Old book of Barrons GRE edition 14th publishing years 2000 , 1999 or before
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For Practice of Question use this book
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New GRE books are not usefull becos there is difference of topics from GAT HAT NAT

So go to old books shop or search on google or olx
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