ARP 2K18 – Permutation and Combination Basics- IIT JEE Maths - Videos


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  1. THANK YOU very very much sir, for your love, care and affection towards students that I got admission in BITS pilani Dubai campus(the best engineering college of UAE) through Pbise exam (bitsat of UAE).Also I got 10.6 LAKHS scholarship per year and 7 days 6 nights free tour package to DUBAI. But since I am a JEE aspirant, pls pls pls help me in JEE too by daily giving a video related to JEE ADVANCED revision. I am sure that I will succeed even in JEE ADVANCED by getting a decent rank. thanks again.

  2. sir I have not completed my JEE Main syllabus but I want to give my AOTS test, so should I go for NCERT+ previous year JEE main questions only due to lack of time and how much I can score in JEE main by doing this three things

  3. Sir, I am currently studying in class 11 and preparing for IIT. Till now I am not a very bright student, many of my concepts are not clear even though I have opted for the integrated program in FIITJEE. I have one more year of my preparation. Do you think I could make a comeback? Pls give me some suggestions

  4. yes sir, i feel PERMUTATIONS AND PROBABILITY Ch soo..confusing ,I feel like i have followed well lekin applying mein ,I feel ,my brain messedup, finally i do some or other mistake and end up with wrong ans…..So kindly EXPLAIN these chapters in clear cut way …..


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