Art of Essay Writing for UPSC IAS Mains 2018 - Videos


Essay Enrichment Program 2018:
Do you know that Essay has proven to be the single most important factor in the selection of numerous candidates in the UPSC Civil Services Exam? This makes it all the more important to master Essay writing skills.

Just like any other skill, writing a great essay is an art which can be mastered with proper guidance and practice. Despite this, a lot of aspirants constantly struggle and find it challenging to score good marks.



  1. I want to ask vision ias team what about art of answer writing session wale lecture ka why u deleted that lecture, will u conduct another fresh session again for this bez most of the aspirants need that lecture of art of answer writing so we request entire vision ias team plz do some thing positive regarding this

  2. @vision ias … Good afternoon Mam! You said that context matters most and remains the same. But one thing I dont understand how one fetches higher marks and how UPSC decides it. for eg. Supposingly there were some recent news regarding NAM past year supoosingly X news which was related to NAM losing influence. But if both candidates have gone through the same news during their phase of preparation last year. How is it that one scores better. Please if you can comment and explain. Mam! I want an explaination regarding the same. And please assume that I know grammar, basic intro, and good with the content but how my referral to news would make a difference in my writing???


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