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In “Ask a Wharton MBA: Admissions and GMAT FAQ”, we sit down with Laura Leszcynski, a Wharton MBA and Director of GMAT here at PrepScholar. She answers our questions about Wharton MBA admissions and responds to some GMAT FAQ, including:

1) Why Wharton?
2) How important was your GMAT score as part of your Wharton MBA admissions application?
3) How did you study for the GMAT?
4) Did you do anything to study for the GMAT that you wouldn’t recommend to students currently preparing for the test?
5) How long does it take to study for the GMAT? How early should students take the GMAT?
6) What is your biggest piece of advice for students beginning the Wharton MBA admissions process or applying another business school?

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