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  1. 1. Kya information technology ke students upsc ka exam de sakte haa?
    2. UPSC ka exam kitne din me ham qualified kar sakte haa?
    3. UPSC exam preparation ka sab se acha strategy kya hoga ?
    4. UPSE de ke liye age limit kya haa?
    5. UPSE qualified karne ke liye kon kon subject padhna hoga ?
    6. UPSC qualified
    Karne se kya benefit ha?
    7. UPSC Ake admi kitne bar de sakta haa pure life me?
    8. UPSE KA preparation kya self study se ho sakta haa?
    9. UPSE qualify karne ke liye kon kon sa exam qualified karna hoga?

  2. Thank u sir , sir plz make a video on gate examination and how we can preparation to gate exam with our academic,I am B.Tech 2nd year student from CSE so plz sir gate and others compititive exam se related ek video jarur banaiye

  3. indian forest service k liye kya zoology/botanay/chemistry main honours hona jaruri hai ya phir srif bio science general students jinka subject zoology bot and chem hai but honours paper nahi hai koi wo bhi eligible hai for the IFS (indian forest service)

  4. I am kanhaiya.pursuing my btech in cse from hbti kanpur.I am in 2nd yr of my college. When should i start preparation for upsc. Whether by joining coaching from now or from 3rd yr or final yr ??
    Or after graduation?

  5. Sir can you tell me what is difference between Digital Signature and Digital Certificates ,
    Digital Unity and Digital Divide with good example.
    Pls sir its important for class 10th board exam.

  6. I'm preparing for UPSC exam Indian statistical service. and my question is –
    SSL in Linux provides-
    1. password protection
    2. logging
    3. security
    which one of the above is/are correct?
    (a) 1 and 2 only
    (b) 2 and 3 only
    (c) 3 only
    (d) 1,2 and 3
    this type of question are asking in current time ISS exam.
    so please suggest me how to prepare these MCQs questions.
    and only basic fundamental and basic programming syllabus is given.
    but UPSC asks in deep and MCQs.

  7. I am in btech 3rd year and i am completely into the preparation of IAS but just after 3rd year , I have to pursue internship which will waste 2 precious months of my preparation, so please suggest me how should i deal with the internship part and if i opt for internship then in which field I should do it so that it will work in cohesion with my preparation?


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