Asymmetric Epoxidations – Crash Course - Videos


Shi Epoxidation. Sharpless Epoxidation and Jacobsen Epoxidation

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  1. Sir as I am an analytical Student so I find organic difficult. So can u pls post more videos on organic chemistry related to net syllabus. It would really be helpful for me and many other students.

  2. Sir u had told that(+)DET is Si face on a video which u had posted a while ago on asymmetric epoxidation. But is it Si face or Ri face sir? Here on this u have told as Ri face

  3. But sir in ur earlier video of sharpless epoxidation, u told that +DET attacks from si face and – DET from Re face…. And also there u have given preference to double bonded carbon and not to alcoholic carbon…. Plz tell which one is correct

  4. The carbon to which u gave priority no. 2 is attached by a double bond. So it should be assumed that our central carbon is attached to 2 carbons. So i think it should be given priority no. 1


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