August 2018 Current Affairs in English 19 August 2018 for SSC/Bank/RBI/NET/PCS/CLAT/Clerk/KVS/CTET - Videos


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  2. 1) New Oscar Category – Outstanding achievement in popular film. Oscar also knwn as Academy award. 1st Indian to get Oscar is Bhanu Athaiya in 1983 for coustem designing.

    2) Life of Pie – by Yann Martel.

    3) Movie Gold- It shows the 1948 London Summer Olympic. 1st county to host modern Olympic is Greece. 2020 Summer OLympic- Tokyo, Japan.
    2022 Winter- Beijing, China.
    4) 1st Buddhist council- Rajgriha(Ajatsatru)
    2nd- Vaishali(Kalasoka)
    3- Patliputra(Ashoka)
    4th- Kundalvana(Kushan King).

  3. Why are Pakistani Cabinet position being taught as current affairs ? Do Indians students aspire for Employment announced by the State of INDIA or The Islamic republic of Pakistan. Also i didn't found any criticism of Siddhu's Visit to Pakistan. Has the national morale gone so low?

  4. Oscar will introduce new category= POPULAR FILM CATEGORY
    LIFE Of pie written by= Yann Martel
    Gold movie= Olympic of 1948 India won gold as free nation for the first time
    Thanku so much sir


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