August 2018 Current Affairs in Hindi 17 August 2018 for SSC/Bank/RBI/NET/PCS/CLAT/SI/Clerk/KVS/CTET - Videos


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  2. पक्के टाईगर रिजर्व का दूसरा नाम पाखुई टाईगर रिजर्व है। यह अरूणाचल प्रदेश में है।
    चिन्नास्वामी टाईगर रिजर्व बंग्लौर में है।ॉ
    अंतरिक्ष में जाने वाले प्रथम यात्री यूरी गागरिन (1961) रूस के थे।

  3. hmare purv pm shri Atal bihari ji ko shradhanjali…
    ● Pakke tiger reserve also known as Pakhui tiger reserve is a project tiger reserve in east kameng district oc Arunanchal pradesh
    ● M. chinnaswamy stadium – Bengaluru
    ● 1st space traveller – yuri Gagarin (Russia)

  4. 1.Pakka tiger reserve also k/a Pakhui tiger reserve or( pakke wildlife sanctuary Divison) and situated in Andra pradesh.
    2. M A Chidambaram stadium or chepauk stadium is situated in chennai.
    3. Chinaswami stadium is situated in Bangaluru Karnataka.
    4.Amrabad tiger reserve the largest tiger reserve (earlier part of Nagarjunsagar srisailam which is in A.P.)
    5. The soviet union ,1st country to send human in outer space (yuri Gagrin) then america and third is china.

  5. Good Morning Friends…..🥀🥀
    🌺 Ans. no. 1- Mathumalai Tiger Reserve is in Neelgiri District of Tamilnadu.
    🌺Ans. no. 2- Sanchi's Buddha Stupa is printed behind the new 200 rupee note.
    🌺Ans. no. 3 – " Atal Pention Yojna", was started with the name of former prime minister of India.
    🌺Ans. no. 4 – Shrawanbelgala is in Karnatka.
    🌺Ans no. 5 – Gujarat Government has decided to Jewish Community in minority religion.

  6. Good morning sir
    Sorry for late answer…
    Abhi video 78 k logo ne dekh liya he aur 29 trending pe chal raha he…
    1.pakke tiger reserve arunachal pradesh me he pakke tiger reserve ka dusra nam pakhui nam he..
    2. Chinnaswami stadium karantaka banglore me he..
    3 amarbad tiger reserve nagarjun sagar sri selam tiger reserve se alag hua tha.
    4. 1st astronaut jise russia me cosmonaut bolte he.. wo yuri gagrin the aur wo USSR ke the…
    Thank u so much sir… aur ha upsc ki series bi start kar dijiye.. waiting for upsc series…

  7. Here is all answers !
    1) pakke tiger reserv or pakhai tiger reserv is in arunachal pradesh
    2)chinna swami stadium is in Bangalore, Karnataka
    3)amrabad tiger reserv was part of nagarjunsagar sarisailam tiger reserv
    4)neil Armstrong – from us was the first person to reach moon

  8. Sir, with all due respect it's been 18 days already since you last uploaded the UPSC daily mcq, either upload it or atleast tell us if you have ended the mission, i have been following you for months and this thing happening for the first time.


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