Avoiding Rent Control and Rent Problems – Ep. #192 - Videos


Your property can be damaged by Rent Control, so can your community. Today, you learn how to avoid it.

You buy, sell, and rent your property at market value. But what happens when an outside force comes in and disrupts your “free market”?

I tell you about a major tenant problem from one of my own apartment buildings.

To avoid losses, learn what clauses to put in your Lease Agreement.

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Listen to this week’s show and learn:

01:30 The Broken Window Fallacy.

06:42 30-year mortgages vs. 15-year mortgages.

07:53 Rent control.

20:21 A flood in my apartment. Renter’s Insurance.

24:33 Security deposit and last month’s rent.

28:10 Resort property with cash flow.

Resources Mentioned:

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Book: Economics In One Lesson

The Landlord’s Almanac

Placencia, Belize Investor Report

Mortgage Loans: RidgeLendingGroup.com

Cash Flow Banking: ProducersWealth.com

Apartment Investor Mastery: BradSumrok.com

Find Properties: GREturnkey.com

GRE Book: 7 Money Myths

Education: GetRichEducation.com



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