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A subscriber in India moved from India to Canada for studies. The subscriber shared his answers for the questions that I have asked for. It is to share with my viewers and everyone.
Destiny depending upon on Decisions. Canada is far better than USA in 2017 for studies in terms of getting PR after studies. If it’s USA getting h1b not sure, getting GC not sure. It takes about 21 plus years for a MS student now. Plus he or she has to stay in for another 5 years not to expire card. So altogether 26 years. Canada, 2 years MS, plus year of working, can get PR, another 1 to 5 years to become citizen. Total 8 years of stay to travel across globe. He took a wise decision rather than fall into depression by choosing USA and learning fake to felony etc if not get clients full-time job in through front door than to back door(corruption by Indian hiring manager+ his/her layer company another Indian Inc).

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All Indian Fraudsters and Indian Fraudulent MS Students , who corrupted US Staffing System by faking their experience to get jobs are highly offended by our truth expositions. Now those Cheap, Crooked, Immoral, Unethical, Shameless Indians defaming Kumar, spreading hate speech, using derogatory comments and profane language against Kumar. Everyone in USA must be educated about this massive employment havoc caused by Indian Fraudsters, using all sorts of loopholes in the Staffing and Immigration Systems. Please support us, Condemn and discourage the malpractice done by some wicked Indians in USA.
From my subscribers request;
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  1. Heyhey
    Nice Channel… got my subscription 😀
    Which program do you use for editing?
    I am filming similar clips as well in the niche travelling and about my live in Asia. Looking forward for your visit at my channel and if you like it for a subscription 😉 Hope you will move on with editing such cool clips 😀 Looking forward for the videos 😉

  2. Kumar, You must do BULK Exercise with sweating to get rid of your Back pain if you are suffering. Good luck your fight especially on Bandits like TCS, Infosys and all other B Shit India Body shoppers especially. Take Care


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