Bad Performance in JEE Mains ? – By Vineet Khatri - Videos


Are you sad with your JEE Mains performance?

Any Time Padhai Academy provides awesome content for students Preparing for IIT JEE

It is founded by Vineet Khatri who is Legend in IIT JEE Training.
A graduate from IIT Roorkee also cleared IAS mains in 1st attempt.

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  1. sir I have dropped one year for jee advance .But this year I have not cleared mains yet.sir plzz what should I do.should I drop one more year.sir plzzz replyyyyy soon

  2. I scored 63 marks in my mains with 80 in physics but I really stuck in maths and chemistry whereas in every test chemistry have pull me down and it is not wrong to say that I'm weak in chemistry…. So should I drop a year being in a general category or should I move on for B. Sc or anything like that since I haven't filled any other form rather than that of mains….. Please help

  3. Sir, you are absolutely correct, but what will happen the next year, when there will be a single exam for Btech Entrance ? We won't get any opportunity to give any other exams !!

  4. Sir today was my JEE (mains) and I m getting 156. I wish I had started with chemistry or maths rather than my emotional attachment with lengthy physics calculations. Shall I prepare for adv?

  5. Suppose I have attempted 30 questions in mains correctly and no question is being attempted incorrect. Then, in ADVANCE, I score very well. Let's suppose 320 marks out of total. Then, am I being eligible to take admission to IITs? Is my performance/admission being affected by JEE(Main)?


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