Bangladesh protests – What is happening in Bangladesh? Explained - Videos


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  1. Bangladesh m jarurat h secular govt ki na ki orthodoxy govt ki jo kaatarvadi logo ko support krti h. Radical soch lana hoga aur free thinker aur media reporters ko support krna hoga govt ko.

  2. Bangladesh has leapfrogged ahead of most countries in the region in terms of economic. It has a stable progressive secular government that wants to keep Islamic fanatics at bay.
    So how can the leftists and Jihadi Mullahs digest this. They are trying to engineer student protests ( who can be seen pelting stones ) over flimsy road accidents and a journalism thrashed.👎👎

  3. This is the bitter truth. from,1971 till to date India have it hands on Bangladesh even America don't have that much knowledge that India have .that's why suddenly americas embassy chief acting as a pain reliever.Dont believe ,… .she is just putting her nose for businesses of American company and election control.

  4. Bhai Indan press freedom 138, or Porkistani press jisko Army se call jata h tab wo program karrte h 139 kese? Ye report kon banata h , India main jittna press free h, uttni to USA main bhi nhi h saale appne hi desh k khilaaf ullta bollne wale bhi free h yanha to.

  5. I am damn sure as in every field same in press freedom U.S always rank between 1-5 ,why?😏😉😂😁
    and Actually U.N in not peace make they are controversy creators 🗺

  6. I'm a Bangladeshi. This video is an anecdote explained well what's going on in my country. My friends were injured in the protest due to the police charge and it's very pathetic to see Mr. S. Alam, one of my Facebook friend, to jail. This govt is like a dictator. If our father of nation Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is alive, he will die after seeing his daughter's activities.

  7. India rank 138 in press freedom, not good enough as compared to Bangladesh.Why Indian government should be tense about their ranking.

    Plz make video on abp controversy and New article by Mr Prasoon Vajpayee


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