Best Books for UGC NET English Literature - Videos


finally the waiting of students has come to an end. vineet pandey reveals his personal books for ugc net english exam. vineet pandey is not only the most authentic teacher but also a good human being. to save a students faith in teachers and to respect their money he has formed a technique for students. HE SAYS THAT A STUDENT MUST ASK FOR NET JRF CERTIFICATE AND COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY EXPERIENCE BEFORE THEY JOIN ANY COACHING. THERE ARE FRAUD TEACHERS WHO HAVE NEITHER NET NOR ANY CERTIFICATE OF TEACHING EXPERIENCE. WHATSPP TO KNOW THE JOINING DETAILS FOR NEXT ONLINE BATCH ON 8587035827

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  1. Sir, you are the most experienced person for the UGC NET.. People teach lot of things but they don't know what to teach, what is actually needed but I am lucky to have you the person who knows what to teach and what is relevant or irrelevant for us.. The person is… With lots of books, with beard, with confidence, with a pile of NET/set degrees… And the person is who guiding in this video… Keep blessing dear sir..

  2. I hope that a day comes in reality when i get to that level 2 study books like these!
    The fact that u share all the knowledge u have, with everyone, makes u such a great teacher and also n honest soul.
    Keep on enlightening us always Sir.

  3. Mujhe sharm aati ese teacher per jo apan he student ki burayi karte hai. Jo insaan andar se jaisa hota hai waisi he uski language hoti hai.. please go take personality development class if don't have time. You can watch sandeep maheshwari videos.. highly recommend for you!!


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