Best way to fill OMR sheet in IIT JEE | NEET | UPSC |CGL- By Vineet khatri - Videos


Students are often confused in how to fill the OMR sheet so that time wastage is minimized & bubble are accurately filled.

In this Video, best method to fill OMR is explained.

This concept is explained concisely by IITian Faculty.

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  1. sir but i prefer 1st method shud i continue with it…….or go with 2nd method…………………….??
    there r some risks in:
    2nd method : agar ek bubble upar niche ho gya to fir line se saare galat fill ho jaate hain
    3rd method : same prob. lyk 2nd method ; and also it is a disaster if tym left is less(which usually happens).


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