Biology Crash Course For NEET 2018 – Lecture 6 (Plant Embryology) Part 2 - Videos


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  1. Sir pls complete chemical coordination and pollution as soon as possible its a request sir pls bcoz my phy and chem portions are incomplete sir if u complete these two topics my confidence level will built more sir pls

  2. an example of parthenogenesis in the development of fruit is the one
    ansr with viable seeds without fertilization
    i think without seeds hona chahiye as seedless fruits are produced by parthenocarpy

  3. sir there is a request can u plz provide quick revision notes of chemistry ch chemistry in every day life only ncert100% sir if possible so that we have to see that pt. only regarding that ch .

  4. SIR will you cover these topics in next class..
    type of cleavage, type of blastula ,type of placenta etc as you told about some extra point on this chapter.
    just a brief account will help us to solve que. on these topics.
    Thank you sir.


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