Biology Crash Course for NEET 2018 – Lecture 7 (Synopsis of Human Reproduction) - Videos


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  1. sir.. my sister suffers a lot during menstruation period.. she had severe stomach pain and back pain.. sometimes she vomits too.. she had gone for check up bt doctors precribe some medicines nd say it's normal…bt even that also nothing happened …is there anything she can do to reduce the pain..?????

  2. Sir u said ki sperm centriole le k aata h .. Tbhi egg divide krta h .
    That means phly se egg k paas centriole nhi thae ?
    I m confused about that ki how entry of sperm promtes 2nd meiotic division ..

  3. R/Sir,
    Does menstrual cycle occurs in females who have undergone tubectomy to avoid pregnancy ?? if so why as their fallopian tubes have been cut and tied so the released ovum should not reach the uterus ?

  4. sir.. 1 more question… during fertilization. which part of sperm participate..?? means does tail nd middle piece also involve in it or only head part of the sperm… if not then what happen to them.?? plzz answr sir.. it was running in mind for so long.. finally i made it to ask u.!!

  5. plz koi bhi mujhe bataao ki sir ne plant physio me sir ne respiration nd phytohormones chapter k liye kuch bataya matlab puaraane videos dekhne ko bole h kya ya abhi wo lectures upload honge ya fir kr chuke h mujhe mil ni rhe . sir ne respiration k 2 ya 3 videos jo already upload the unko dekhne k loye bola tha. uske baad kya bataya..
    actually mere class 11 k annual exams start ho gue the to me beech me videos dekh ni paayi . animal physio k to lectures mile but plant physio me koi notification ya information ni mili
    so plz plant physio k last 2 chapters k baare me koi information h to koi bhi bataao ..

  6. Sir! secondary spernatocyte n=23 .ye bhi number half ho jayega kya bhir 4 spermatid meiosis second .ye point samjh nhi aa raha hai yaha Par. mitosis hona chahiye. Sir. is point ko dubara samjha dijiye plz.

  7. entify the correct statement on 'inhibin' : (1) Is produced by nurse cells in testes and inhibits the secretion of LH. (2) Inhibits the secretion of LH, FSH and Prolactin. (3) Is produced by granulose cells in ovary and inhibits the secretion of FSH. (4) Is produced by granulose cells in ovary and inhibits the secretion of LH.?????

  8. yaar ye deslike kaun karta hai ……koi Insaan itni jyda mehnat karta hai …..bhaiya ap kabhi camera ke samne ek virtual world imagine kar ke ek ghante baat karo roz …..samjh mai a jayega …..bhot dukh hota jab koi dislike karta hai ….. Love you sir


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