BREATH or BREATHE? | Confusing English Words - Videos


In this video I explain the difference between the words “breath” and “breathe”. I give you the meanings of these words (with examples) and I show you how to pronounce them.

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  1. Great video Max. With your new look I thought it was a 15-year-old girl who was presenting the video….It took my breath away, like Tom Cruise would do if she watched Top Gun.

  2. Hi Max! Great job! I wrote some examples. Here they are:
    * We can see people's breath on a cold day.
    * Frank's breath smelt of garlic.
    * It's good to breathe fresh country air instead of city smoke.
    * Fish cannot breathe out of water.
    That's all. I'll see you next time. Bye!

  3. Hey girl how are you? Those two words are so dificult to pronunciation the third one is turtle… I want you to pronounce it please cheer up with this good mood, Hasta la proxima

  4. Hi Max, sometimes is pretty difficult to make subtitles. Your "adds" at the end of the video are nightmares for me. I reckon I did not get this: "As u… taps are going…" In my opinion:
    As u = as usual
    taps are going = leaking water out of taps ???

  5. I really want to learn different techniques of breathing. There is one that you breathe for 4, hold for 4 and breathe out for 4.(I mean 4 Sec)

    Your videos are breathtaking.
    Thank you


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