C-DAC-:How to fill C-Cat Form, Eligibility Criteria, Important Dates, Full Information - Videos


Hello Friends,

C-CAT is the entrance exam to pursue C-DAC course.

This video is specially targeted to the people who are willing to take C-DAC course in the upcoming year. This video provides following information:
1. Information of C-CAT( Entrance exam for C-CAT)
2. Important Dates
3. How to fill C-CAT form(Step wise Instructions with demo)
4. Edibility Criteria
5. Payment options, C-CAT fee Structure
6. Selection of Exam Date & Centre

The C-DAC admission booklet is given on below link-

Please go through video, follow the instruction & you will be easily able to fill your C-CAT form.

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Thank You 🙂



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