Can China Help India’s Solar Industry? – Safeguard duty on Solar Panels – Current Affairs 2018 - Videos


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  2. These tariffs also discourages the startups in solar industry & other industries in india & solar panel manufacturing is highly subsidized in China so India should take advantage of such affordable high quality panels .

  3. An efficient manufacturing technology with an efficient manufacturing process can help this sector to certain required level.
    In other words, we need minimally two type of partnership….
    First one, the technological partnership like utilisation of best raw material , robotic based manufacturing and efficient technological system are required to develop this industry in India like country.

    Second one, the manufacturing based partnership that will help to get the best material for solar panel and will also help in the process of working. Here, we may deal a lot agreements from one country to anothers. It could be possible by agreement separately to get the required efficient raw material for this industry with technology and manufacturing experience
    But, these points may be complicated to implement.
    Here, we can use another method is that we can use the free limited imported product or with certain condition(circumstances). By the application of minimalist tarrif, we can achieve our aim. In some sense, If the quantity of supplied product goes up from the certain limitation it will be charged according to resistable quantity of supply chain. Tarrif should not be applied at constant tarrif rate but according to the flexibility or resistibility of supplied chain product on the principle of income tax slab. I hope it will help but here, we need transparent execution process with decentralization method.
    If it doesn't executed properly some get more benefitted than others according to demand and applied time.

  4. Obviously,there should be safeguard duty for nascent Indian industries but in a Rational way i.e duties on import should be in a way that prices of both the import and indigenous produce became same.And let the consumer decide which product they are preferring. And if result on not in favour of Indian companies then government should pump in some capital to make them competent. By this our consumers will not suffer , and our ambitious mission of 2022 will also be in a safe zone and side by side our companies will also learn some techniques to be globally competent.and avoid spoonfeeding

  5. Ye decision ek kadwi medicine he kuchh time baad fida kregi hm Indian me koi kami nahi he bs ek solid plan and government ka pura dhyan hona chahiye or ek baat hamko or bhi alternative dhundne chahiye jese parmanu reactor se power banane ki or bhi sochna chahiye.

  6. अगर वो अपनी इंडस्ट्रीज को प्रोटेक्ट करते है तो हम क्यों नहीं, भले ही हमारि कम क़्वालिटी कम हो पर वो खरीदें , स्वदेशी से ही कोई देश महाशक्ति बन सकता है

  7. भारत सरकार क्या करें क्या ना करे, वो समझे बिना कर देते, सिर्फ़ सरकार election पर फोकस हैं. नहीं तो enhanced technology import करते जापान से, जैसे bulot ट्रेन कर रहे हैं. और production इंडिया में होता.

  8. i dont agree with u on this topic.
    the only negative impact jo mujhe dikh raha wo ye h ki solar panel price badhega but iska installation me zyada impact nai padega and hence employment par b asar nai padega….. jo already plan karke bethe h solar installation ka they will anyway invest. kuch percentage ka difference aa sakta h.
    secondly any day india has to take step to push ourselves ahead in this sector. once solar companies profit me aane lagi n debt kam hone laga unke books se to aane wale 8-10 years me rapid growth hoga indian solar companies me and economies of scale ke chalte we will be able to compete with international players. agar aise hi sochte rahe ki import duty ni lagana h to phir piche hi reh jaega solar sector.
    i think its a good initiave by govt in long run(8-10 years)

  9. Khi na khi Indian companies k pass shi skills wale log nhi h,aur yeh education system ka ek flaw h.Kyunki industry oriented study nhi h.Industry ko jis skills ki zarurat h,uss pr students ko skilled aur research karna chahiye.

  10. Mr. Prahsanth i have question. App ka video infermation dena hey but kyu app ka openion dalreho video mey. Specially when your making videos against the govt policy you have to concentrate on such a things. About rafal deal also your shown to people Fernandez alligation but you didn't shown any paper proof of govt. I think you have some issues with present govt. About this video your hidden something to explain about germany. If we don't put this tax checkpost to the companies sure we never take stepup to in production side. About the employee its fake that they will loss employment. In your explaination you said that most of the missionary qorkinf in solar sector then how they will lose the employwment. If make like this disappointed videos we never start our production plant's. Also its minimum knowledgeable massage that untill your export value not increased your economy also not increases. Thanks for videos. My best suggestion to you when u have a topic against govt. Make it in your personal page dont ppst in study iq page.

  11. I am totally disagree with you prashant because indian company like adani and tata solar now working on very different model now they are not aquiring land for solar plant. Just taking on rent and providing traning to the land owner or workers for maintenance. I can not explain the hole model but its working. They r involving bank, land owners, workers etc. But ur video is too informative thank you.

  12. As we have trade imbalance with USA. USA/Trump is concerned about it. Therefore, instead of purchasing 1b $ worth of weapons, we could purchase 1/2b $ worth of solar cells/solar modules/advance solar technology from USA. This would help us obtain our renewable energy demands and give substantial relief to Trump's ego.
    Instead of purchasing it from Malaysia or china. Even purchasing at 30%/40% higher cost from USA would be a better idea.

  13. Eventually when we right now bringing big solar plant in Karnataka. We should think of long term long of achieving max solar energy. If india panels are not capable acc to report by MORenewable energy we shd take help from country who is father in solar energy. So we can get max O/P from the project. Same time we shd also improve our domestic solar manufacturing plants so as to use our own made solar panels in future solar plants.


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