Can You Crack JEE MAIN? - Videos


Self evaluation about your preparation levels to crack IIT JEE. Is it possible? Is it possible to do in the last 4-5 months if your preparation had been bad? How can you evaluate if you have enough in you to be able to crack.

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  1. Bhai I have bought test series of Allen but it cannot take any test because it contains topics of both 11 and 12 and class 11 topics I cannot take because I am weak in 11 th and also I cannot revise class 11 topics because I am in 12 the right now . so tell me when will it start class11 topics and when will I start giving these tests

  2. anyone whose 11th is not strong , make it strong, you think that only 50% questions are of 11th topic that's totally wrong in JEE everything in 12th is somehow related to 11th please believe me, I'm in 12th now I left 70% of topics in 11th but now I'm completing all those topics because by coming in 12th I understood importance of 11th topics


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