CAT 2018 – 4 month Prep plan from August - Videos


Schedule for CAT Preparation –
1. Believe in your CAT Preparation plan. 4 full months is enough to score a high percentile in CAT.
2. Read Daily. This will help in CAT Verbal. Learn from the basics for Quants. Start taking Mocks. Analyse after taking Mocks.
3. For first time CAT takers, Learn from basics and do not worry about taking Mocks for the first 1 month.
4. For CAT repeaters, plug weaknesses and take gazillion mocks.

Best wishes for CAT 2018.

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  1. Thanks a lot. I have been preparing since March. Getting 95-99 in mocks. However, unable to to devote full time due to college placements. Target colleges – top 6-7 B-schools. Any specific tips/strategy ?

  2. Due doing work in IT company, not able to allocate most of the time I have ( consider not having more than 5 – 6hours if I won't sleep till 2AM), is it enough time of 4 months? ( I am thinking YES, but what about purview of 99.5 percentile)??


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