CAT 2018 Strategy Session – 1 - Videos


We had conducted an online session for our CAT 2018 students. We are sharing the video for the benefit of all CAT 2018 aspirants. We have covered the basic ‘how-to-start’ question that a lot of you would be having and have discussed the sources and timelines for smooth prep. Hope you find it useful.

This video is part of the CAT 2018 Online Course which contains more than 300+ videos. Link to the course –…

Learningroots is run by:

1. Dr. Shashank Prabhu (CAT 100%iler, IIFT 100%iler, SNAP 99.99%iler, NMAT 99%iler, CET 99.99%iler, MAT 99.99%iler)
2. Prasad Sawant (CAT 99.92%iler, CET 99.99%iler, MAT 99.99%iler)
3. Sriram Krishnan (5-time CAT 99.5+%iler, GMAT 760, CET 99.99%iler)

Features of the CAT 2018 Online Preparation Program

• 300+ recorded sessions in a sustained release form (2 – 3 videos per day according to the schedule) covering each and every topic to have appeared in CAT till date and some more
• Weekly doubt solving sessions to address students’ doubts and solve a few interesting questions from the topics that are made live during the preceding week
• More than 150 hours of quality content covering all the areas from Quantitative Ability, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning, Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
• 10 full-length mock tests exclusively for our online and classroom students (we won’t be selling them as a separate product)
• Supernumerary topics tests post each topic to make sure that you can test yourself in a timed environment

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  1. My mind goes numb and into a non responsive state while I read RC's.
    Also I face an issue of mismatch in my reading speed and comprehension. Seldom they get maligned.
    I find it difficult to comprehend long sentences quickly say which are 2-2.5 lines long.
    VARC is my weakness.
    What can I do?


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