CAT Exam 100 Percentiler Gives Exam Again, To Show His Students How To Crack It - News


Rahul Sharma, one of the 100 percentilers from Delhi this year in the CAT exams, sat for the test because he wanted to teach his students how to score well. He is an instructor with a coaching institute and handles the academics for it. Now, he is one of the top scorers. A graduate of IIM-Ahmedabad, he says the test now has become easier.

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“When I gave the exam in 2008, it was still on pen and paper. Now it has become online, I need to know what I’m teaching,” Sharma told TOI.

According to him, this test was a good balance between all three sections — Quantitative Ability, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation, and Verbal Ability. “But the amount of marks given to Verbal Ability is a lot more than other sections….

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