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Pebbles presents “ Tenali Raman ” in 3D Animated Mode, about the great Court jester in the Kingdom of Krishnadevaraya, hailing from a place called Tenali. Tenali Raman became synonymous for intelligence, presence of mind and sense of humour. He was the darling of the Vijayanagar Kingdom. These short stories of Tenali Raman will teach morals to children in an unique way. Tenali Raman was called a vikata kavi, clown, jester, poet, minister in the court of the ruler of Vijaynagar, Krishnadeva Rai. Tenali Raman was a multi – faceted personality. Tenali Raman and his practical jokes on everyone around him, including distinguished fellow poets and the Emperor himself, abound in South India. His fame spread beyond Vijaynagar into areas that come in TamilNadu and Karnataka today. Tenali Raman was also a great scholar of several languages that included Marathi, Tamil and Kannada.

Activities Sections : Learn new words by observation followed by quiz time after each story.

20 Stories & Learn new words, Quiz time after each story.
1. Free Labour
2. Art Sense
3. King Punishes Raman
4. Cat fears Milk
5. Who Doesn’t Lie
6. Raman Steals Brinjal
7. Born to be Free
8. Lesson with Interest
9. Raman enters Court
10. Krishna tests Raman
11. Clever son
12. Jar of Seeds
13. Trip to Delhi
14. Lost Ring
15. Cat for Horse
16. Hungry Horse
17. Sharing the reward
18. Thief behind bush
19. The proud magician
20. Nothing for nothing

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