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  1. 1 share with my friends via WhatsApp
    2query- plz tellbetter college in terms of roi ?
    3. Want to do MBA.. because I like to do financial management..I really like that subject..I mean I like solving questions.. related to capital budgeting and making a financial decisions.. related to dividend..etc..that's y I want to do MBA in finance

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    2. No query as of now.
    3. Im into project management in EPC power plant business. This led to my involement in management of finance, cost saving, price negotiation, contractor handling, team handling, project execution and client interaction. As i did 2 successful projects, i realized that should move into core mba profile as im good at team work, multitask and most importantly taking responsible actions for achieving required result. Thus i think i should get an mba degree from a good college so that i can apply my skills into a function where my roles and responsibilities will be bigger.

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    2- Query (CAT)- By what extent the IIM conducting cat will influence that particular year question paper.

    3- Why Mba-
    I would say MBA & finance have always fascinated me. Along with technical knowledge that i have , it can vastly supplement me. Along with that it can provide me an opportunity to maybe work at a HEDGE FUND or IB firm which I always dream of and otherwise also it will provide me a platform to expand my career options.

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    2) No query
    3) I graduated in mechanical engineering. While interning at a technical company (This was India's largest automaker), I found that most of the people at higher positions lack management skills and soft skills. This motivated me to do MBA. Also, I had a keen interest in finance. But I realised this very late. MBA seemed the only option to change career paths. Along with finance, MBA helps in developing business sense. Emphasis on marketing, operations, strategy and HR is given. I wish to work in banking sector after graduating.

    This is not a part of my answer, but last year, I followed Gurpreet sir's advice through his live sessions and videos and was able to score 203 in my first attempt of NMAT (without coaching and with 2 months preparation). It isn't sufficient, and I'm not a bright guy either, but I know with a bit of hard work I can crack NMAT if not CAT.
    Keep uploading these videos and you are doing an amazing job sir! 🙂

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    Query regarding MICAT- does CAT percentile matter in this exam or not??
    Why MBA- MBA from top-B schools not only teaches us the management theories which are written in books but it also teaches us to manage ourselves, it teaches us to take risk and better decisions and moreover we get a good alumni connection which is very important to get success in life. So, MBA teaches us to get perspective and better vision of life.

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    Is there any course for Nmat ?
    I am interested in management courses and want to pursue mba to be a better version of myself.Mba is not just about a course but rather the overall platform helps us for all round development.

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    2. No query
    3. I want to do MBA because I want to be an entrepreneur and want to open a business . I want to something different in my life and not simply do preparation for other jobs and struggle rest of the life.

    I am ready to do hardwork for CAT as much as it needs at any cost.

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    No query
    I can lead the youth very well and a mba student is like fulfilled with knowledge in every field so through mba I can do what I want to😎 and I also wants to learn a proper management system also

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    2) No Query’s as such.

    3) Why MBA? – Actually i am a student of CA(finals), but as per my opinion there’s a slight difference in the approach of MBA aspirants and a CA Students – MBA teaches us an overall personality development which to be very honest lacks in CA course.
    And apart frm this, definitely gonna enhance my career opportunities , coz “CA with MBA is good combo”

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    2. Please tell the details about Micat exam
    3.I am a Mechanical engineer…It was my chance because of family pressure…but MBA is my choice

  11. 1. Shared with my friends.
    2. Query- My query is bit general and is not particular to one exam, here it goes, I am a Mechanical engineer passed out in 2015, with low academic records 10th-69.2, 12th-79.2, BE- 58.32. After having 2 years of experience in a corporate world, I gave cat in 2017 where I could score only 67 percentile. Fortunately through CMAT score I am getting IFMR chennai this year, but I feel I should give an another for Cat2018, NMAT and Cet2019 (so planning to quit job this year for preparation). I just want to know that do I have any chances of getting into top schools like IIMS, FMS, JBIMS, NMIMS, SP JAIN, XLRI, MDI if I score very well in their respective examinations? I would be very grateful to you if I can get your suggestion whether I should give it a try or I should join IFMR chennai.
    3. Why MBA- a) To excel my managerial skills which will help me to climb the corporate ladder faster.
    b) To become able to do something constructive for the society, i.e to bring a significant change in the society.
    c) To increase the pay package.

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    2. SNAP accepting colleges, cutoff … All details about snap.
    3. I am pursuing BBA right now and looking to start my own business and MBA will provide me all the knowledge and also some practical skills too. That's why MBA is my mission while Starting my own business is my vision.

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    2) No query
    3) MBA is something that will boost me up in almost all aspects in my life. It teaches how to deal with the life problems. It's not just MBA, it is the lesson for life.

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    2. Query- none right now
    3. I want to do MBA bcz it'll improve my knowledge regarding business management economy as well as will improve my personality and communicatio skills greatly. The MBA is not only a degree BT it's a badge that suggests you are truly efficient in what you do. It's a must have to climb the ladder of success in career .

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    Query for Snap= i want to know the whole process of interview as i m in my final year
    Why MBA= Deeply passionate about learning and with a good institude it will provide me a platform to showcase my talents

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    2. Since I am a repeater , My weak area is Quantitative Ability. Also not too confident in LR DI. So queries regarding that.
    3. I want to do MBA since it would transform myself , my career aspects and my knowledge. I am a passionate and dedicated individual and MBA will help me enhance my abilities as well.

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    2. No query for CAT
    3. Because business is my passion . And i want to make my self as a business tycoon for this i believe MBA is the best opportunity for me.

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    Query regarding prospects of food and agri-business management
    Why MBA?
    Answer> I want to set up a food processing plant in my village, i have gained technical knowledge from my B.Tech. in agricultural engineering and an MBA would give me required business skill set to make my dream come true.

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    2) I have Queries Regarding SNAP 2018
    3) I Am Currently Working as a Team Lead in a Product Development Company and Being my profile as BE Mechanical wih PGD certification in Design,Its important for me to Learn more of Creating Process oriented Plans Instead of People dependent organisation.

  20. 1. shared with friends
    2. No specific queries but i require guidance as a whole.
    3. I have always been facinated by the idea of leadership and creativity. I am an engineering undergraduate and during my college days i used to be involved in all the core organising committees because someway or the other it gave me immense pleasure and a sense of achievement.
    Apart from that its one of my dreams to be a part of a premier institute as i look up at people from these institutes, their achievements and personality inspires me to the core.
    Above all MBA seems to be the right option for me as it opens the door to big beautiful oppurtunities and a stable career to support my family well ,whereas, giving me the independence that I crave for.

  21. 1) Liked and share
    2) For all those exams apart from cat which test you on your genral knowledge can we refer to the magazines which the ias coaching institute provide.
    3) Dream Big and they shall come true. I want to have a company of my own. I want to know everything that is required to run a company.

  22. I have shared this with my friends.
    Query:- How to prepare for GK section and PIT/PI of TISSNET?
    Why MBA – As a BE graduate, I would like to combine my technical orientation with business management knowledge gained through MBA and make use of the wider knowledge to effectively and efficiently run teams/departments/organisations to get better results in terms of quality,quantity,growth and profitability. I am specifically interested in Human resource management.

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    Query Regarding CAT – How can I obtain steady flow with preparation for CAT
    Why MBA – I work under shitty managers who are playing with associates life by doing politics and ruining many peoples lives, I want to change that.

  24. 1. Shared with friends
    2. No query
    3. Reasons to do MBA are interest and growth. Right after graduation, I got placed but realized that I am not able to reach excellence in my field more because of lost interest in my current field and my inclination towards business but have no business education background so want to learn business through MBA. And also growth has come to a saturation point now. So it will be better if I follow my interest. Better late than never.

  25. 1. Shared- Yes
    2. Query- My final semester is getting over in June, I have rejected my placement as well for having a better focus on my preparation. So in the meanwhile what else can I do to add more value to my application in top MBA colleges since i will not be working …
    3.Why MBA- a) I want to learn the core of management science
    b) Just after my 12th I have taken up diploma in management, now undergraduate degree, dreamt of masters in management from top notch college in India
    c) Because I think management is the base of growth and yes i want to create the base, live my dreams I have dreamt of.

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    No Query.
    MBA is the platform to increase our skills & path of maturity and give a great knowledge & improvement & help inbuilt my career. MBA will give more exposure to corporate world which help in taking bigger role and responsibilities.

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    2)No Query
    3)I want to do an MBA from good institution as it will provide me a better career opportunity,better job and a good profile.
    I am commerce graduate, I want to do higher study from the best institution of the country and doing MBA instead of other courses will provide me a good profile for job as well as other career opportunity.

  28. 1. Shared with friends on whatsapp & fb
    2. no query
    3. MBA Because , during my graduation when I got involved in different event, I got to Know my different side that i was really good in managing teams , getting the sponsorship for the event. So i want to polish my skills so that i hold a better skill which would be responsible for the company's as well as mine
    Beside that this the that i was excited for that i want to work for the thing i like , i think my liking lies in To be a manager that would be responsible for the growth of the company
    since 2 years i was having dreams to get into one the top b schools . to get this i will get one step forward to it
    because what ever u r posting on youtube is eventually helping from last 6-8 months . i hope i will get the seat in your batchs
    thank you sir

  29. 1. Shared with friends and colleagues
    2. No query
    3. I want to persue a mba degree due to several reasons. From personal life perspective i belong from a very small village of rajasthan where even today girls are not allowed to persue their dreams i want to break that chain
    Do something extraordinary and discover the new side of myself and to my family that even being a girl is a proud thing.
    From carieer angle ofcourse want this degree to enhance my present skills and for better understanding of business management theoretically and practically which all together will make me competitive in this world of globalisation.
    I have appeared for mah cet- 97.25 percentile and cmat-89.96 percentile in 2017 without any coaching.
    This year my aim is to achieve my dream college through cat.

  30. First of all, I want to say that you are doing an amazing job. I have been following you from last year and I also joined your telegram groups in which you shared important questions which helped me alot. So, thankyou very much for that.!

    1) Shared with friends.
    2) No query.
    3) I am aspiring to be an MBA because I think it offers a bright future ahead. It is one of the most famous and competitive post graduation degree which requires its students to be hardworking and dedicated to their work.

  31. 1. Shared with friends.
    2. No query.
    3. Currently, I am working in an E-commerce company & it's really interesting to understand the way that any business thrives. Being an engineering student I do have technical background & I think that I can combine knowledge from both these areas to become a good manager in the near future.

  32. Shared with friends!
    Query- how can a weak student in maths ace the quants section?
    Mba because i want to prove myself and it will enhance my knowledge and there will be self growth!

  33. 1.Shared with friends
    2. What are the most important topics for TISS
    3. Currently I work with an IT firm and I see a lot of mismanagement on everyday basis. Eventually my aim is to persue MBA from a reputed institue and improve my management skills.

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    No query
    why MBA:my goal is to become an entrepreneur.I realised that i should have a better management skills to achieve my goals.Also i want to persue my MBA from top college.


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