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‘CAT is going the GMAT route’ - News


| Updated: Jan 10, 2017, 01.16 AM IST

CHENNAI: Securing a near perfect 99.8 percentile in the Common Admission Test, Chennai-based Vineeth G is one of the state toppers in the exam round whose results are yet to be officially released.

The 21-year-old, keen on IIM-Bangalore or IIM-Ahmedabad, said the exam, gateway to India’s elite B-schools, was a move towards a GMAT-style format. Focusing less on formulae and more on comprehension and logic, it was a welcome change, said the electrical engineer from IIT-Madras.

Engineers may have dominated the toppers’ list, but Vineeth said this round was definitely not as engineering-oriented as it had been in past years.

“There were more calculation-ased questions last year. This time, it…

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