CAT Revenge for repeaters.. Target 99%ile in CAT 2018 - Videos




  1. sir..
    This is the first time i gave my exam..It didnt go well and i got to know that i must improve alot to crack CAT and move into IIM's. Shall i join this CAT revenge programme? Am i eligible ?

  2. Sir.. I have done 34 questions in English section with 90-95% accuracy in RC and 90% in VA.. I have attempted 13 questions in dilr with 75-80% accuracy and 14 questions in quant with 60-70% accuracy.. in slot 1 exam..

    What should I expect as percentile

    Note : I had given CAT last year also without any amount of preparation (just to know what is cat) and scored 79 percentile.. although the case was different, last year was harder than this year, so people attempted less while I attempted in free way not worrying about results (just to get acquainted with cat)

    Sorry for such long comment.. pls help me Sir..


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