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  1. Sir agar first wala function zero nahi banta (at points where differentiability is asked) and second wala function sharp edge show krta h toh fir overall function differentiable hoga ya non differentiable .?? Please reply

  2. Sir agar koi ek function 0 de rha ho koi aur function infinity de rha ho aur teesra funcion not diffrenciable ho to kya hoga
    Ex: f(x) g(x) h(x)
    at x=0 f(x)=0 g(x)=infinte h(x)non diff

  3. Sir plz make a vedio on sri chaitanya iit Academy for droppers and as i want to drop a year for jee prep so instead of going to kota is sri chaitanya good!!! Sir plzzz make a vedio on it as not only i bt many students are desperate to know about it


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