China’s South Pacific Silk Road – Opportunity for India? – Geopolitics – Current Affairs 2018 - Videos


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  2. Chote desh isliye china ki help ko lege,kyunki unko paise ki zarurat h.Agar India long term k liye,choti countries me focus kre,to India ko future me benefit hoga,nhi to china in pr control kr lega.

  3. Screw relations with Nepal, SriLanka, Mauritius and improve relations with Oceania countries :0) great Foreign Policy. Let Aus/NZ take the lead, it should not be a priority for India. What are the long term implications for India, if China even colonizes these small countries ?? I am not sure if that part is a significant trade route. Its a headache for Aus/NZ for sure.

  4. China has this great diplomatic tool of distributing "sweetners" to the needy one and catching them in their debt trap…converting those places into strategic pivots. India needs to work on few things:
    1. Building capabilities and reach of our mighty Indian Navy,
    2. Strengthening of relations with ASEAN group & strategic collaborations like in Hambantota and assumption islands,
    3. Fastrack development of corridors like ASIA AFRICA GROWTH CORRIDOR and coming up with new trade affiliations.
    These things can boost India's might not only in the Indo-Pacific region, but will also solidify relations with other nations.
    Indian foreign policy should see that these days, TRADE IS THE NEW DETERRENT; as it also imapcts a nation's soft power

  5. India m to sirf ab Election campaign suru kr diya h….pta nhi andho ko in bde issues p hakikati kaaryabai krenge ki nhi.
    Shaayad ye countries India k permanent seat k liye favor kr rhe h isiliye china apna cooperation bdha kr inka favour reverse krne ki kosis kr rha h.

  6. India , Australi and New Zealand, France and USA should al together come to help this island countries. We shd win they hearts and come them feel that if anything happens these all country will be there. There is not need of them asking help or taking help from China.

  7. Kindly make one video explaining reasons for China's economic might, and how they possess that large forex reserves, that they are able to operate all across globe be it Balkan region,Africa or now south pacific.


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