Circular Sitting Arrangement with Birth Year Puzzle for SBI PO | CLERK | IBPS PO Exams - Videos


Circular Sitting Arrangement with Birth Year Puzzle for SBI PO | CLERK | IBPS PO Exams
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  1. It is already mentioned in question that 1984 born is sitting exactly between j and k sooo y we consider others options to put 1984 somewhere between j and k….. exactly means right between center of J and K….

  2. Please teach HCF/LCM. U covered so many topics why leave out HCF/LCM? I know many other channels have videos on HCF/LCM, but I find your teaching style and explanations the best! Once I listen to your explanation and practice the questions given by you, then I am able to solve almost any questions on the topic. Exams are very near (SSC-CGL, WBCS EXE MAINS in July). So please sir cover HCF-LCM as soon as possible. I m entirely dependent on your channel. Please 🙏🙏🙏

  3. Hello sir the video was very helpful but sir can you please do the needful for visually impaired aspirants as they cannot watch the video they can just listen the video t so if it is possible for you to just speak out these guys t just speak out besides besides right left and Centre third left so that we can get the exact Idea and we can

  4. Each one of – K, L, M, N, O, P, Q and R belongs to a different profession viz . Doctor, Painter, Dancer,
    Singer, Teacher, Sailor, Sweeper and Lawyer sit in two different rows, four persons in each row facing each
    other but not necessarily in the same order.
    Either M or the person who is Sailor sits at one of the ends and both sit in the different rows. The dancer
    who is not N is adjacent to K and opposite to O. L and the lawyer are adjacent to each other and one among
    them sits at one of the ends. Painter and Q are opposite each other. R is not painter. Only one person sits to
    the left of Q. M sits to the right of the Singer. R who is not teacher is the neighbor of both Singer and
    Sweeper. L does not sit at any extreme end.


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