CLAT 2018 Controversy – What happened during and after the examination - Videos


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  2. Glitches like these are never acceptable. Students are whole heartedly preparing for these examinations.
    Our government should frame a proper road map for the conducting of these examinations.

    Upsc like structure could be a good option which government can consider.

  3. I lost 20 minutes as the questions were not visible on the screen..there was a black screen after I clicked on start the exam…
    I was then moved to another pc where the application was getting closed automatically….. overall it was very disappointing as they demanded 4000 for this fucking (I didn't want to use the word but I'm left with no choice) arrangement

  4. We want Reexamination.
    This competition wasn't among equals. Many of us lost time due to technical glitches whereas few guys luckily didn't face any glitches .So how is it fair?

    My mouse stopped working .How was I suppose to complete d paper?

    Every single mark counts in CLAT ,even a difference of 0.25 mark can make a difference of 10 ranks atleast .

    As future lawyers it's mandatory for us to fight for our right .Justice should be done that too in time .

    ##Justice delayed is Justice denied

  5. My 1 year that I had specially set aside for CLAT is wasted because of this mismanagement. Is it My fault ? Perhaps NOT. I did my best in preparation to crack this exam but at last I faced this. Who's going to compensate for my loss ? Skipping and navigating through questions it was really lagging and my time was wasted. And this wasn't enough, in the answer key released, a lot of options of the questions that I attempted are changed to some thing else that I am REALLY SURE I hadn't marked, because I know about that particular thing very well. And you know what… A.T. answer key, there are 21 languages in Indian constitution…not 22 ! CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS ? How stupid and careless one can be ?
    I'm sure NOTHING is gonna happen… NUALS Kocchi will declare the result soon and I'm not going to get admission in any law college through Clat. Seems like I'm looking at the REAL Condition of India slowly slowly.
    I regret that I'm part of the population of a country that is good just in theory and metaphor… but the actually the real scenario is a BIG FIASCO !

  6. Thank you sir but haar saal esaa hotta hai but kai Baar kuch bacche hottae hai johh jhutth allegations lagaatae Jabki unko koi problem nahi hotti ek dost tha usko clat dennae ke Baad koi problem nahi usnae mujhe kuch nhi btyas butyaa Jesse hi marks ayye usnae faaltu ke allegations lagane shuru kardiye


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