College Selection | 4 things to consider before applying - Videos


To find colleges according to your priorities:!personalinformation

List of colleges which provide good scholarships/financial aid to international students:

Time frame:
0:30 – The fault in our selections
1:00 – From my experience…
1:40 – #1 Thing to consider
2:45 – #2 Thing to consider
4:01 – #3 Thing to consider
4:44 – #4 Thing to consider

Are you completing your college applications and confused where to apply? Are you not sure which colleges would be the best for you? Well then, this video is going to answer a lot of your questions regarding college selection.
I had these same questions and a lot more exactly one year ago when I was in your stage. Hence, I know how lost it feels going through the applications. I hope this video helps you guys.

If you have further questions, please comment below.

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  1. I'm looking for a country/uni which gives me good scholarships, teaches aeronautical engineering, has a good employment rate for graduates and where I've a good chance of getting a permanent residentship..
    What/where would you suggest i mainly apply?


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