Complete Mathematics for JEE Main & Advanced in 3 month by GB Sir(Crash Course) - Videos


GB sir is known for his unique teaching enriched with motivational lectures. His unique and easy to comprehend approach to teaching the concepts makes memorization and recognition of tough formulas ” a walk in the park”.This course will equip you with the systematic methodology, improved aptitude motivation and confidence to crack IIT-JEE.You learn using video, audio and text a potent combination that engages all your senses. Keeping you active and involved. You will never forget what you learn through this course. 

This course contains Previour Year Questions of JEE Main and Advanced. It includes more than 1500 solved Questions .
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  1. I opted for free trial and also went to the slc but some of the lectures of this course is not working. like complex number lec 2, limits lectures and much more


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