Concepts of Indian Economy Simplified Through Storytelling for Govt. Exams (UPSC CSE/IAS) – Part 4 - Videos


Learn complete Indian Economy for UPSC CSE in a simplified method through storytelling. Learn all about basics of economics in this Indian economy lecture for IAS, like meaning of economics, micro economics, macro economics, questions related to economics, factors of production and a brief on forms of economic systems that is capitalist economy, socialist economy, mixed economy etc.
The course is about Indian economy for UPSC and tries to present it in an innovative manner I.e complex concepts with simple examples. It has been designed for each and every one of you who finds Economics a hard nut to crack but, hard nuts are the easiest to crack. If you don’t believe us then watch this series and you will know that it is the easiest subject which can be mastered with some amount of concentration. Must watch for all.

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