Confusing Words in Biology : Important for NEET / AIIMS – UG Pre Medical Exams - Videos


Student’s support is much needed . Please share this video with other PMT aspirants , so that i can reach students throughout India and every one gets benefitted with my teaching .

Clear all your confusions with simple memory tricks :
1 ) Ilium vs Ileum
2 ) Rennin vs Renin
3 ) Tetanus vs Tetany
4 ) Epistasis vs Epitaxis
5 ) Thymine vs Thiamine
6 ) Nitrate vs Nitrite
7 ) Pyranose vs Furanose
8 ) Synthatase vs Synthase
9 ) Taenia vs Tinea

Dr. Raj Singh is a MBBS Doctor from RIMS , Ranchi. He is also a passionate BIOLOGY faculty for PMT preperations.

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  1. Sir aap ache kar rahe hain…aap negative hone nahi denge kuch vi to 300 plus ho jayega..plz sir our is type ka questions samjhate rahiye….bahut help tube me har ek Kam kar raha hain bt you are unique…keep it up….you are different than makes you special… confusion dur Katana Sab ka bas ka bat nahi hain .. thanks sir

  2. In chromosomal defect the exchange of genetic material between 2 homologous chromosome
    In translation the movement of ribosome over rna
    In plant transport movement of food and water through xylem and phloem


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