Confusing words in english set 2 (IELTS,TOEFL,GRE) - Videos


Confusing words and false friends set 2. Words- control and inspect,Conscientious and conscious. Learn the difference between the two and how to correctly use in the sentences.

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Since we all have been through reading, writing and learning a lot of books and the time when we do come across new words we lookup dictionary, which do solves our immediate query. But if these new words are not used frequently, we also tend to forget these. To focus on this improvement this channel various ways of learning. This channel is dedicated to learn and memorize new words daily in simple and effective manner. This channel has no barrier on viewers age i.e children or adults all of them can enjoy learning. The channel aims at providing the ways of identifying the meaning of words, differences that exist through their antonyms or phonetic sounds etc.If you have any doubt, queries on certain usage of words please do share in comments below. And if you have liked the video please do share , subscribe and like.

Hope it helps you in increasing your vocabulary.



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