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In this ANIMATED PRESENTATION you will learn about the COORDINATE PLANE. You will also learn that how we plot points on graph.

A coordinate plane is an important tool for working with these equations. It is formed by a horizontal number line, called the x-axis, and a vertical number line, called the y-axis. The two axes intersect at a point called the origin.

A coordinate plane consists of two number lines that intersect, one running horizontally, the other running vertically. The horizontal number line on a coordinate plane is known as the x-axis. The vertical number line on a coordinate plane is known as the y-axis

As you remember from pre-algebra a coordinate plane is a two-dimensional number line where the vertical line is called the y-axis and the horizontal is called the x-axis. These lines are perpendicular and intersect at their zero points. This point is called the origin. The axes divide the plane into four quadrants

coordinate. The word coordinate is all about getting things in order. … Coordinate is one of those words that can mean very different things but is rarely misunderstood in context. It’s a great way to describe the work of organizing, planning, and strategizing.

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