Crafting Your Best Story & Applying Through the Consortium with Sabaina Kamara, Michigan Ross ’19 - Videos


Sabaina Kamara, a Touch MBA listener and Admissions Edge Member, details what she did each step of the way to craft her best story – one that got her admitted to 4 top 20 US b-schools, including Michigan Ross, where she will head to this Fall. Sabaina also shares the benefits of applying through the Consortium, and her best application tips on career goals, school selection, GMAT, resumes, essays and MBA interviews.

Also Sabaina has generously shared her Michigan Ross MBA essays below – check them out.

QuestionsHow Sabaina decided on her MBA career goals and researched b-schools (4:08)
Applying through the Consortium (11:56)
Sabaina’s best tips on the GMAT, and MBA resumes, essays and interviews (22:30)

About Our Guest: Sabaina Kamara got her B.A. in Economics from the University of Maryland and worked as a Human Resources Analyst for a top management and employment law firm in Washington, DC, where she advised federal contractors on diversity related issues such as affirmative action and equal employment opportunity compliance. Sabaina will be starting the Michigan Ross MBA in Fall 2017.

Episode summary, links and Sabaina’s Ross essays at:

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