Current Affairs 7th April, 2018 – UPSC Prelims 2018 - Videos


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  1. I request the faculty to incorporate few suggestions in the content delivery.

    1. When the different formulae for MSP was discussed, the faculty wrote the description only for A2. I request you to kindly write the explanation for all the three, that is, the explanation for A2+FL and also C2.

    2. Please dont be curtailed by the time limit of the video. If the priority is given for time, the quality of explanation is getting compromised. It is very much evident that the delivery in the class was longer than in the youtube video and the video is edited to meet 20 minutes standard.

    3. Final topic "The Strait of Tiran" lacks clarity. I dont know whether the content of the topic is lost in editing or the content creation itself lacked clarity.

    This is my humble suggestion. I feel if the priority is given for content and not the time, it will do justice for the effort academy is taking for the welfare of the students.


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