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    (1) Current Affairs with PT is your solution for all current affairs learning needs.
    (2) Visit the parent site for full list of posts, including QUIZ and PDF downloads. You will find all our posts on that site itself.
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  2. ARTICLE 14; no individual or institution is above the law,…………Equals will we treated equally under the law,………..No group of individuals should be privileged or discriminate against arbitrarily by the government…………………..

  3. sir aaj agar koi flipkart or amazon pe bol de toh yahi hyper nationalist usse atankwaadi kahege kahenge ki bharat ka vikas nahi chahta to yeh hai hyper nationalist ki thinking aaj bharat me

  4. I have one question..
    Sir please tell why should government not introduce Philosophy in curriculum of Indian education system as a compulsory and basic subject?

    Finding it's answer since last few days but unable to get it.

  5. Whenever The word "I am" pops up in my brain .i get hypnotise looking into the sky at night makes it more dramatic.
    Many questions in a battery pop up in my mind . Why I came here on Earth ?,Who are these people around me looks similar to me ? why they also came here ? may god send them and me here? And then reads that many religions don't even believe in the existence of god and these religions are also so scientific that we can't refute their theory . Then comes in my mind that even god is there or it's just a creation of mind ? andddddd then the vedic shlok comes in my mind",astho ma sadgamaya ,tamso ma jyotir gamaya………."

  6. sir about flipkart,its seems that they are unable to fight the battle with amazon,so at this point merger is the best option they can think of.but i frequently think why these situation arises.acc to me it is the lack of creativity when we dont have something new to offer at second position,,like fb in 2006(not sure)yahoo offered them 1 billion,but mark zuckerberg denied cause he knew that he is going to grow and yahoo dont..and hp until they constantly provided new products in the markets their value grown in parallel but as soon as they stopped doing that after 20 years their value came to the same point at which they started,,so i think it is the best option they have right now to merge with walmart.bcoz against big amazon and no protectionism like china and half hypernationalist(we only say we are but dont act like one)there was very bleak chances.

  7. Thanks for the session sir🙏
    Really great decision by SC….it has been seen that if any party comes in power, the ministers first will make policies for their own benefits like hiking salaries and allowance, new luxuries vehicles for own use, allotments of residences and new renovation works which goes upto lakhs and crore. No one questions.

    Another shamful example by CM Fadavnis, that recently, the Maharashtra's Assembly unanimously passed resolution of Total Cash less Medical Benefit Scheme to all MLAs and their family members including Ex-MLAs also, and that is also for life time…what a Sheme!

  8. Perpetual motion machine which produce energy without any input however it doesn't defy 2nd law of thermodynamics (please type perpetual motion machine in YouTube for more detail)

  9. Respected sir,
    I am compiling the questions in following points.
    1. Definition of TFR & RFR, also give difference between them.
    2. What is UIDAI?
    3. What is CAD, why it is touching 2% of GDP?
    4. Give watch list of nations made by US.
    5. What is RBI OMO & How it affects bond yield?
    6. Give synonymous , antonyms & make sentence of following words (i) Brazen
    (ii) Connivance
    (iii) Converses
    7. Write philosophical essay on topic "I am".
    8. What is Atal innovation Mission & ATL( Atal Tinkering Labs)
    9. Define IBC(Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code) & ITLC process.
    10. What is concept of perpetual machine?
    11. One chemist ask for H2O(water), while other one ask for H2O2 (Hydrogen peroxide), What happen when one drinks H2O2 The most common symptom is stomach upset and possibly an episode of vomiting. When peroxide is swallowed, it generates oxygen bubbles in the stomach. Drinking Higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide can be very dangerous because it can cause tissue burns.
    12. What is article 14th in Indian constitution & How does it is affected by giving facility of public property to ex-ministers for life long time?
    13. What does the ratio 1:8:40 means?
    it is the ratio of economy of Pakistan, India and China respectively.
    Thank you!

  10. सर आपका बोहोत धन्यवाद एक आप की वजह से मेरा पुरा खबरो को देखणे का पुरा नजरिया बदल गया है और इंग्लिश भी थोडी सुधारी है

  11. सर आप जो गूगल फेसबुक you tub अमेजन वॉलमार्ट ये कंपनी के बारे मै बातते है हो सही मालूम होता है मेरा सुझाव है ये सब चालते कैसे है इसका अलग अलग सेशन मै डिटेल समजा दो plz अगर हम मै से कोई इंजिनिअर होगा तो वो तो चल पडेगा और इन जायंट की इकॉनॉमी हम सब को समज आ जायगी झ्यादा बोल दिया हो तो माफी चहूगा you. Did your job very great thanks sir. Best of luck


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